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Fun way to encourage learning Thai words by playing brick breaker game.

If you just started learning Thai alphabets and words, this is a game for you.

[Thai Alphabet Shots Game = Brick Breaker + Thai Word Quiz]

Help the cute nerdy dog to break all bricks before they reach him. Aim and shoot balls to break bricks and collect coins. Your goal is to break all Thai alphabet bricks and pass Thai vocabulary quiz for earning extra coins. If you know the meaning of each Thai word and you can choose the correct picture illustrated meaning of that word, you will get extra coins.

Coins = Scores , so collect them as many as possible to compete with your friends and all other players all over the world via Google Play Game Service. Don't forget to check your ranking (Leaderboard) and achievements from the buttons on menu screen.

You will never play alone. Someone is watching you, have you noticed that? He is caring about you and want to see you succeed.

Come join us. Let's Play and Learn.
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